Scrubs Top

What is a Medical Scrub Top for Women?

Medical scrub tops for women are clothing worn by female healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors and technicians. Designed to be comfortable yet practical and easy to keep clean, medical scrub tops feature pockets to store essential items like pens, scissors or stethoscopes and come in various styles, colours and sizes that suit individual preferences and needs. 

Comfort and Stylish Medical Scrubs Top Collection for Women

At Medic Alathletic, our collection of women’s scrubs can meet these criteria perfectly. We have it all if you want classic V-neck, trendy mock wrap or functional cargo pocket. 

Our scrubs are constructed of premium quality fabrics that are soft, breathable and durable for ultimate comfort and style. Available in various colours and sizes to meet your personal preferences, you can mix and match our tops and pants to achieve an unmatched look! These affordable and easy care garments can be washed in the machine without worrying about fading or shrinkage. Our scrubs make you feel confident and professional in your work environment.

Embodies chic boutique fashion, allowing you to showcase your individuality and flair while maintaining a professional appearance.

Exudes a sense of modernity and fashion-forward elegance, making a statement while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Make a statement with this athletic yet feminine look and redefine your professional image.